About us

Why to use Enrich Digitizing?

Embroidery Digitizing services for over 15 years! Field experience in computerized embroidery digitizing. We can do any kind of embroidery designs very best.

We digitize the designs like ordinary embroidery, Chenille, Sequence designs, appliqué designs, carding designs, and taping designs, Allover designs etc.

Our premium quality digitizing services ensure enhanced details, less thread breakage, sharper designs and less wastage of material which leads to faster production. We work fast so that our clients meet deadlines.

We take pride in our in-house team of professionals and constantly updated and equipped work station. All these efforts make our 24 hour turnaround time not just a promise but work routine.

Weekend Advantage

ENRICH Offers weekend advantage. If you order on weekends in bulk, we give you special discounts.

Dedicated digitizer and Client services

ENRICH provides you the dedicated Digitizer team. To provide quality and a quick turnaround time.


We convert your reference design into best looking logo and verbiage as per your specifications.


We design unique and innovative logos, icons and text.

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